How many National Parks have you been to? I could probably count them on one hand. We take them for granted in this country and often choose what seem to be more exciting destinations like Disney World or the beach when planning out vacations. Or, maybe your passion is to go see what other countries have to offer? Take a look at some of the photos snapped by photographers Matthew and Renee Hahnel as they explore through all 59 US National Parks. They are awe inspiring and will make you pack up your hiking gear and head out.

The couple has been featured on several blogs and magazines including and Leisure and Travel. Their mission when embarking on their trip was to “Connect as many people as possible to the parks and inspire the next generation of park stewards” They left their 9-5 jobs in Melbourne, Australia, bought a vintage 1988 Wesfalia van which they call Ruby, secured a couple of contract photography jobs and a sponsorship from Evolve, they headed out.

As photographers, you can imagine the images they have captured across the country are awe inspiring. From enormous trees in the redwood forest to bears crossing white waters in a river, they have captured in photographs the inspiring beauty that we all miss when we choose roller coasters and waves over the natural playground awaiting us.

The couple will end their trip on October 31st after visiting Hawaii and American Samoa. Their favorite stop so far, through has been Lake Clark National Park in Alaska. After taking a float plane to the Upper Twin Lake, they spent three nights in a remote cabin on the shore. They found that peacefulness and beauty of their made a profound impression on them.

You can find Matthew and Renee on Renee’s blog