There is a little part of all of us, who would love to ditch the job, sell most of our belongings and go on a nomadic adventure, either across the country, or abroad. And, many people are doing just that, but are forced to learn to live on meager resources and savings. It is possible to live out that adventure and become financially better off than you were before.

Kristen Bor, founder of the ever popular blog, is doing just that. She quit her job as a Washington lobbyist to live out her dream and an adventure of a lifetime. At the same time she has doubled her income in the 3 ½ years since she began.

Kristen’s blog is for everyday people who want to get out and experience the great outdoors, but might not know where to get started, or what kind of gear they might need. She “breaks down the barriers that prevent you from getting outside or taking that first big trip abroad”. Kristin is an environmental advocate (through education and in her previous career), so her blog comes to us with those undertones and some of the gear she reviews facilitate sustainable travel.

Kristen herself is not from a background of camping and trekking. She did not take up the adventurous lifestyle, until later in life. After a backpacking trip through Indonesia with a friend, she got the bug, and gave up her Washington DC job in 2014. Journeying on, to travel and live the life of a van-dweller. For some, that could sound like a wild and crazy thing to do. For Kristen, she knew it was the life for her, and she has never looked back.

Where can you find this solo female van lifer, with a Grateful Dead, bear tattoo on her foot?

The first place to find her is on, Instagram and on Facebook. She posts regularly, giving advice on everything you need to know to live your adventure. She has very engaged following who love her dynamic posts such as, How to Poop Outdoors: A Step-by-Step Guide to Leave No Trace and Things to do in Acadia National Park.

What is it then that makes her stand out from the crowd?

Online followers will read her van life safety tips. Readers are invited on planned trips, such as when she guided them through John Muir Trail, a 220-mile wilderness hike that ends on the summit of Mt. Whitney in California. She give practical advice that proves to be a guiding hand particularly so, for those starting out in the adventure lifestyle.

From National Parks to coastlines, skiing to mountain climbing, this is someone who has taken the world and made it her home. Kristen holds strong to a philosophy of embracing outdoor life, and plans her trips well. She travels responsibly. Sharing her tips with her readers, she is a strong advocate for conservation. Being conscientious in reducing her carbon footprint, this is an important aspect to her nomadic lifestyle.

The advice she gives via her blog and website, is not exclusively for single travelers. It is rich with suggestions and tips on showing them how to overcome that initial feeling of being alone. In reality, a traveler is not completely alone for long. You will meet so many new companions on the road, you’ll wonder why you did not take this big step in your life, much sooner.

Kristen’s adventures have taken her to many destinations within the US. She has ventured to such places as Alaska, Arizona, Florida, New Mexico, and California, zig zagging across our beautiful country. Her travels are not limited to the U.S. as she has ventured far away from her native homeland to places like Indonesia, New Zealand, Tanzania, Nepal, and British Columbia. With an adventure bucket list, she is doing her utmost to complete it.

Her prime motivation for the blog is to help others take the first steps into enjoying the outdoor life. Perfect for the beginner who does not quite know where to start. By reading through the Bearfoot Theory, you can find tips and ideas on:

• What gear to use for different types of trips you are planning.
• How to plan those trips, along with many suggestions on places to hike and backpack.
• A 3-day backpacking plan, so you can make a start.
• The best food types to take on your personal journey.
• Solid advice on taking up pursuits such as kayaking.
• How to take great photo shots, and record your adventures.

Kristen covers it all, because she has done it all.

It’s all very well and good, traveling the globe, but how does she afford it?

As we previously mentioned, Kristen has doubled her income since starting her van life. She does this through, where she works tirelessly to serve her readers and fan base. She is not alone in managing that company and employs three others to help with the content, writing and marketing. Kristen also books speaking engagements and has spoken at REI’s force of Nature Event.

Kristen is a travel blogger and living in her van actually facilitates her ability to conduct business and make money. She has mastered online marketing, which we can see through the nearly 40k followers on Instagram. In turn, this attracts relevant companies. Companies who want to showcase their products to all those followers. Choosing only products she trusts in, Kristen provides no end of useful information on outdoor products.

Utilizing all the popular social media platforms, makes for a busy lifestyle. With updates on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and, there is never a dull moment in the life of this busy lone ranger.

If you are new to the world of adventure, this is the blog to go to. This was, after all, how Kristen herself gained knowledge, before she started out. Remembering well, the early days of her blogging career and adventuring, particularly being alone. She knows only too well that it can be a nerve wrecking time for the inexperienced. She will be the first to advice anyone to start small. Experiment in your own locality. Spend a few nights camping and hiking close to home. You will either hate it, or you will get the bug and want more.

This intrepid explorer no longer plans her vacation around her work, it’s now the other way around. Kristen has the traveling bug and there is no looking back. The world is out there to experience and enjoy. With the right gear, and a healthy mindset, anyone can conquer it.