I love watching videos about people. About their lives, their passions and their struggles. For this reason I am addicted to the Yeti website. Yes, I am talking about the company that makes great (but expensive) coolers. They have a brilliant online marketing campaign that keeps me coming back to their website to see who they are featuring next.

What is so great about these videos is that they are about ordinary, everyday people, like you and me, who are living extraordinary lives. These are not nine-to-fivers. These are people who have a passion and have made that passion the center of their lives. Of course, most stories center around and outdoor life, hence the need for a cooler.

So, I thought I would share a little bit about a few of my favorites and give you some links so you too can enjoy these short, but compelling videos too.

One of my favorites stories is about a kid, 13 years old, who becomes the envy of every fisherman in his town, by catching a record black bass. How did he do it? Probably mostly luck, but there was a large dose of skill gained by fishing every waking moment he wasn’t in school. He and a few other boys started a club for swim bait fishing, which they do obsessively in lakes located in the middle of downtown Austin. The backdrop is literally skyscrapers and highways. He has been called a local legend and has been compared to Huckleberry Fin – who he favors now that I think about it. Watch video on Yeti’s website here.

Another great story is about John Shocklee. There area actually two videos with him, one features him and the other is about someone else but John is highlighted in it as well. John is a very dynamic person and if you saw him on the street (a place he is unlikely to be, actually) you would assume he was homeless. He is a 50 year old, bearded kid, whose passion for skiing and white water rafting has dominated his life and career. In the winter he is a guide at Silverton Mountain and in the summer he guides on a Dory in the Grand Canyon. He is featured on Silverton Mountain where the skiing is not your typical ski lodge, ride the lift, go down the bunny slope ski atmosphere. There is no lift in the video, and there are no trails. Just untouched, white powdery mountains. In the Grand Canyon the troop of guides becomes family and John is a leader and mentor to them. It is their job to give people the ride of their life without ending it. It is thrilling and intense. You can view the Silverton Mountain video here and Grand Canyon here.

What is brilliant about these videos, is that rarely do you notice a cooler in one. They are about the people who live their lives on their own terms, forgoing the cultural standards we all fight. There are many more, all worth spending some time with, on the Yeti website.