Living in a converted van and traveling the world is not a new idea. It has become romanticized recently and it seems that more and more millennials are choosing that life after college, over the traditional life of, graduate, get a job, get married, have kids, work some more, retire. But how do they afford to live nomadically, visiting all the beautiful wonders of the globe.

Living the VanLife (or any other off the grid life instead of the traditional, have a home and go to work life) requires diligence and careful planning. Not many of us live off Daddy’s trust fund, so we have to work and make money. Van Life requires you to either be able to work on the road or to work seasonally and save. We recently ran a post about a couple who does just that. Others choose to make money in photography, blogging or some other online work that they can take anywhere with them. But not many of them are pulling in the big bucks. You have to live lean. That means saving for a cheap van ($5,000) and retro fitting it yourself. Living green is the trend now and that will also cost you. Consider solar panels to cut down on gas expense for a generator. So after paying for the van and fitting it with solar panels, cooking requirements, new interior and other living niceties, you might spend between $12,000 – $15,000 and that is on the cheap side.

But after that major expense, the life provides rent free living with the occasional campsite fee. Buy your food and gas and maintain your van and you are good to go: to where ever your adventurous heart desires. Its no wonder Vanlifers are multiplying and wannabees are green with envy.