“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower” – Albert Camus

I think for most people, their favorite season is either spring or fall. As we come into fall, I thought it would be fun to look at some of the best fall adventures in the United States. I found this great article originally posted by National Geographic Adventure to help me bring those locations to you.

Growing up in Florida, I don’t think I even saw a red or orange leaf until I was in my twenties. We have pictures of me at 35 standing in front a bright red tree, totally excited about this great adventure. Now, living in North Carolina, and getting to see gorgeous views on the Blue Ridge Parkway, Grandfather mountain and really, my front yard, I would welcome some more adventure during this great season.

Hiking in the California’s High Sierra

The John Muir Wilderness area protects 100 miles of high peaks, steep canyons and alpine lakes along the High Sierra. There are big vistas that show off the region’s fall colors in grand panoramic style. There are several contiguous wilderness areas and national parks with lots of hiking opportunities. go to SierraWild.gov to begin mapping out your adventure and sourcing camping permits.

Minnesota’s Boundary Waters

The boundary Waters Canoe Area is a million-acre wilderness playground for paddlers. There are over 1,200 canoe routes and 2,000 backcountry campsites.When the colorful forests reflect across the waters, you see the fall foliage and become immersed in it. Between mid-September to early October wildlife are abundant. Birds begin to fly south and the calls of moose fill the air.

Climbing Near Chattanooga, TN

Chattanooga has become the go-to place for climbing and is within an hour’s drive of downtown. Leaves often peak in late October long the Cumberland Plateau, but temperatures are still very warm. Bouldering fans can visit Stone Fort, which is owned by an adjacent golf course. The Tennesse Wall is a single pitch trad climbing paradise that is gorgeous in autumn. And if you haven’t have enough of the fall color scape, take a ride along the Tennessee River to see the seasons’s finest colors.

Go Rafting Along West Virginia’s Gauley River

For about six weeks, dam releases crank up the water volume and turn the Gauley into a classic whitewater thrill ride. the WV river drops nearly 700 feet as it rushes through 25 miles of class II to V rapids. Commercial rafting guides should be hired to manage the adventure and leave the younger kiddos at home. You must be 12 years old on the lower river and 16 on the upper stretch. Skilled kayakers also share the waters where they have been known to paddle and party.

This is a portion of an article originally posted on  National Geographic Adventure.