If you have dominated the AT and the PCT, you might consider checking out Canada’s new GT – Great Trail that is. It is also known as the TransCanada Trail. On August 26, 2017 Canada’s trail networks were officially connected creating the world’s longest recreational trail system. It spans 14,000 miles touching three of Canada’s coast lines.

The founders of the Great Trail began their quest to connect the trail system 25 years ago with the hopes of celebrating the nation’s 125th birthday. Since then, millions of dollars of have been poured into building trails, signage and working with landowners and local governments. The trail is not all off-road and includes 5,340 miles along roads and highways, 3,770 miles along water trails and 1,110 miles of shared trail with ATV’s.

The trail starts near St. John’s, in Newfoundland and Labrador and finishes on Vancouver Island (but not before veering way off to the north for a taste of the arctic). Along the way, it follows the Canada/US border until about Winnipeg, where it tuns north towards Dawson and Tombstone Territorial park.

Adventurers have already started forging forward in unchartered territory. I am sure there are many competitive types who are busy planning to become the first ever to complete the trail on a through hike from start to finish. But for most, it will be day or weekend adventure, to explore Canada’s beauty and avoid the great Grizzlies.

The kick-off of the trail was celebrated with over 200 gathering along the path. “We’ve built it, we’ve connected it, we’re ready, so the next chapter is, ‘Come on world, come see what Canada has to offer”—Deborah Apps, president of the project.