A while back I came across a great website called Bearfoot Theory (bearfoottheory.com). Founded by Kristen Bor, the site provides practical information for everyday people that want to have some adventure in their life. The blog’s mission is to break down the barriers that prevent people from getting outside. They focus on relatable advice, trip reports, and useful tips. For example, this week the site features an article about the upcoming solar eclipse, and how to enjoy the event in a responsible way. Other recent articles and videos provide solo female van life safety tips, and info for choosing trekking poles.

But, as helpful as the stories on her website are, Kristen’s life is a great story in and of itself. How, and why, this solo vanlifer left her career to found Bearfoot Theory, is an inspiration for anyone interested in getting outside more. We will have a feature article about her journey next week. In the mean time, check out her website.