If you could travel full time, would you? With kids? Visiting far-away places, every day, is many people’s dream life. And it doesn’t have to be hard. It’s easy to over-complicate the matter with planning or excuses. But there’s a reward in stepping out of your comfort zone and booking that first trip.

It’s all about having an ultimate desire to travel and then choosing to center your work and family around this lifestyle choice. You may be thinking that it is easier said than done. Lex and Loren Brinton’s story may provide a little inspiration. Not only do they travel at least two out of four weeks in any given month, but they do it with kids too.

Lex has been traveling extensively since her earliest memories as a young girl. Her adventurous father had a crazy dream to travel to all 50 States in the United States, with his beloved wife, five daughters, and son in tow. What set him apart from many other well-meaning dads with a similar dream? He made the trip a reality.

Through these “just go” experiences, Lex grew passionate about the traveling lifestyle and decided to carry on the tradition for the rest of her life.

Pursuing her travel dreams even through college and her career, meant she had to consciously prioritize her need for travel flexibility. Lex’s strict adherence to her values and preferences for her life, including travel, is something all of us aspiring dreamers can learn from.

Growing up, Lex was fascinated with film-making and began developing this passion early. It would later become very useful in her travel pursuits. As she recalls, “I always grew up with a camcorder in my hand . . . documenting everything! I was in broadcasting in high school and anchored our school news for two years before I continued on that same path in college.” She didn’t know in the 80s and 90s that crafting videos would become a money-making career, but she followed her passion and believed in her abilities, regardless.

In 2006, while studying for her degree in film and broadcasting, Lex met her to-be husband, Loren. He was on tour with indie rock band, ‘Lydia.’ He also played with ‘A Rocket to the Moon,’ where he was part of writing and recording their first album together. It was clear to Loren however, that it was the family traveling-life he sought more than touring with the band. After meeting Lex, he gave up the rock star life to begin a new adventure with Lex.

Oddly enough, Loren had dabbled in videography too. The pair’s penchant for making films would pay off. When the couple crafted their own engagement announcement as a video for their friends and family, they began receiving requests to create films for others. Soon, they were being paid for their creative skills, and the duo jumped head first into a thrilling new career.

As Lex reflects now, the couple became newlyweds and business partners, all on the same day. When the video business opportunity came along, and a chance to continue down the path they had always envisioned for their lives, it made perfect sense to jump on board. Even if the timing was a little hectic. The film business takes the couple on the road frequently, just as they had always dreamed. Today, through dedication and hard work, Lex and Loren fund much of their family’s travels through their own film-making business.

In 2013 Lex and Loren’s first little family addition arrived, a baby boy they named Arrow. Three years later, his baby sister Louie joined the family. Both kids have been flying around the globe on adventures with their parents, ever since. Lex and Loren hold a very clear memory of traveling for the first time to NYC in the freezing, snowy winter, with four-month old Arrow. Having to change all seven layers of his clothing in a tiny bathroom stall, just before the plane boarding closed, was a stressful moment, to say the least. Yet this couple confidently states they wouldn’t trade a single stressful moment they’ve experienced traveling, as the good memories completely outweigh any challenges.

Traveling full-time, especially with kids to look after, isn’t always an easy ride. It is guaranteed that it will get difficult from time to time. As Lex and Loren put in countless 13 to 15 hour days of shooting films for multiple weekends in a row, they maintain a clear vision for their lives – to travel simply and make unforgettable memories along the way. As Lex points out, “we have both always valued life experiences and travel over money and consistency. So it has never been a battle in our marriage of where our ‘priorities’ lie.”

Need a little more inspiration to hit the road, with the whole family in tow? Lex is proud to share the invaluable lessons her kids have learned along the way. Specifically, their two children are so confident around new people. “I love that my kids are friendly and fearless and they teach me to be the same,” says Lex. She also points out that you don’t really need a lot of money to travel, either. “Usually the more ‘budget’ the trip, the more memorable it is,” Lex says. “Kids do not know the difference between a Motel 6 or a Hyatt . . . as long as there is a swimming pool, you are the best parent in the world in their eyes.”

In fact, a sense of creativity and a resourceful mentality will take you a long way. The couple centers a lot of their expeditions around the jobs they’re already traveling to, for their videography business. They simply choose to take their kids on each trip instead of leaving them at home. It’s Lex and Loren’s mission to inspire families to travel simply. You can travel within your means instead of searching for extravagant, expensive destinations.

The couple has developed a new business, which has grown from their passion to share the traveling lifestyle, and the treasures it can bring, with other families. Walker Family Goods (walkergoods.com) offers a unique-style duffle bag designed specifically for traveling families. The bags are soft, functional and invite stress-free unpacking and repacking at each stop along the journey. It even has a compartment that keeps dirty, already-warn clothes from clean ones. With a variety of colors to choose from, every member of the family can have their own duffle bag that suits their personality.

The business was launched in 2017 using Kickstarter. The couple’s campaign for their unique duffle bag raised $57,760, clearly proving that there’s a whole community of explorer families who have been seeking that perfect solution to get themselves effortlessly out on the road.

The future looks promising for the inspirational Brinton family. They hope to soon fund their travels full-time with the Walker Family Goods business. Lex and Loren’s dream is for every person to have a Walker bag in their hands, and along with it, the “Walker essence” of traveling simply, to be in every adventurer’s heart.

While the couple points out that every family is unique, universally they encourage would-be travelers to stop talking about taking “that trip” and just do it. Even if you have kids. Don’t overthink it. Focusing on the challenges won’t get you on that plane to your next adventure. Just go. Oh, and maybe grab a duffle bag too. They’re pretty cool.