I am not sure this is what my wife had in mind when she suggested that we visit Florida in August to see how we feel about the heat.

We periodically talk about moving back to Florida someday. Or at least setting up a “homebase” there, while we travel. We both have family in the Sunshine state, and always remark how we feel at home when we visit. A while back Julie said that we would need to visit Florida in August sometime to see just how hot it is, now that we have lived elsewhere for 15 years. Always happy to oblige my wife, and having never camped in the Florida keys, I promptly booked a week of camping in the keys. In August.

It’s all part of the overall exploration of whether we would prefer a sailboat or RV in the future. Yes, there will be boating involved. But, more on that later. Now, I didn’t not tell her about the plan. In fact, she and I talked about it before I reserved our camp sites in Long Key State Park and Bahia Honda State Park, two of the best camping facilities in the keys. But, somehow she and I didn’t really consider the heat. Or maybe we were just optimistic.

Either way, we began to worry when I told my brother about the plan. Sean, who has camped extensively throughout Florida said we were crazy. he might be right. But, I brushed his dismay off, with a – “How bad could it be?” Pretty bad he suggested. I think his exact words were that the heat in August was “incapacitating.” Coming from a doctor, that would seem to be a warning we might want to heed. Na, He didn’t listen to me when he was young. Why should I listen to him now?

Well August has almost arrived and we leave for the keys in a few days. We will be camping there for a week. Then renting a sailboat and sailing it for a day or two including sleeping on the boat. Admittedly we are a little concerned. Two adults, two kids, two tents. No air-conditioning. How bad could it be? But, our review of the weather over the past week has assured us that it is actually cooler in the keys than Charlotte right now. At least on paper. We will see. Stay tuned.