If you think that the van life is only for the Instagram “stars,” you are mistaken. We spent a week or so in the Smokey Mountain National park and ran into a number of van adventurers. We even met someone who was just starting his journey. When we ran into Peter Voso he had just completed his first night in his new Vanagon. Over the past five years, Peter worked in boat dealerships in Charleston and Columbia, South Carolina. He recently decided to leave it all behind and travel.

After buying his 1984 Westfalia for $14,000, which has a Subaru engine, Peter outfitted it almost completely from Amazon. The improvements cost about $4,000. Among the upgrades are 300 watts of solar panels powering 4 golf cart batteries, and a 1,000 watt inverter. With a fully-functional kitchen, and sleeping up top in the camper, as well as on the fold down benches, the van is ready for anything.

We asked Peter where he was headed once he left the Smokey Mountain National Park, and he said he thought he might head up to Maine. We wish him luck on his new adventure.