Who doesn’t love a great adventure? Pair your bucket list travels with some healthy competition and you get the hot new app, Adventure Junky. Over 1 billion travelers cross international borders every year and now they can play a new “sustainable travel” game that encourages people to grow and develop by experiencing the world around us.

Adventure Junky in the brainchild of Nigel Malone and Fuchsia Claire Sims, from Australia. Both founders are expert marketers with a passion for adventure and experiencing diverse cultures first hand. The app, called Earth’s Adventure Travel Game, currently has about 10,000 users and was designed to change the way we travel. In the game, players play against other players worldwide, friends or family to see who is the biggest adventurer, all for the title of Earth’s number 1 Adventure Junky.

The adventures that make the cut for the App are approved by the Adventure Travel Trade Association and must be high on experience and low on impact. This, along with the logistics of the game, is directed to appeal to Millenials. As a group, they are expected to surpass baby boomers in earning power within the next year. They already spend $250 billion on travel annually. Adventure Junky has even invited other people interested in adventure to become co-creators of the game and over half of the adventures added to the testing phase were user-generated.

The app was featured at the ATB Berlin 2017 just in time for the United Nations to declare 2017 the International Year of Sustainable Tourism. The founders are proud that the app promotes sustainable travel through environmentally conscious adventures that include helping troubled youth turn their lives around through adventure in the jungles of Costa Rica, working with remote indigenous communities to develop self-sufficiency through cultural tourism, and developing brand strategies for World Heritage Sites. And this is only the beginnning.

Adventure Junky is now available for download on the App Store and can be followed in twitter, pinterest, facebook and instagram. Stay tuned for a feature article about the founders of the app, who have an adventurous story themselves.